Album Credits

Recorded in New York City at Analogue Muse, Spin, and Avatar Studios by Geoff Strasser and Nik Chinboukas. Additional recording by Roy Hendrickson and Alan Zahn. Produced by Alan Zahn.
Mixed by Kevin Killen. Mastered by Fred Kevorkian. Album photography by David Spagnolo.

Canto per Mangiare


I have long wanted to record a selection of my favorite Italian songs. I’ve been collecting these tunes throughout the years. Some are beloved Neapolitan folk songs, others classics from the 60/70’s–the golden age of the singer/songwriter. I’ve written a few of my own. I completed this recording over a period of more than two years, traveling to Italy several times but creating the bulk of it in New York City. I am blessed to have worked with some absolutely stunning musicians along the way. Click on the songs in the track list to have a listen and check out the musician credits.


Canto per Mangiare is a two part project, and I encourage you to buy my book of the same title for the full experience.

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