"The bizarre ability to frame sad lyrics with upbeat melodies,creating three demensional songs that justify the existence of the repeat button on your Cd player. "

- Peforming Songwriter magazine, USA

"Masculine, yet sensitive and elegant at the same time. An utterly intruiging voice! "

- Rolling Stone magazine

"A smooth and impressive voice..and a songwriter of remarkable inspiration. ‘Fool For Every Season’ is an authentic jewel of folk-pop! "

- Audio magazine, Germany

"Utterly conventional, yet somehow effortlessly unique in its beauty and emotional expression, this album landed square in my chest and is stuck there still. "

- Taylor Guitars Wood and Steel

"Ruffolo extracts a delicious and original jingle-jangle from his acoustic guitar, but it is his voice that is truly remarkable, at once precise, seductive, and filled with a gentle sadness. "

- Late for the Sky Magazine, Italy

"A first class debut!! Ruffolo is blessed with a facility for penning deeply moving songs. "

- Heaven Magazine, Holland

"Acoustic guitars, beautiful harmonies, impeccable production, an accomplished affair. "

- AudioLive Magazine, Germany

"The wonderful thing about Eugene Ruffolo is that the grace and clarity you hear in his singing and writing mirror perfectly the man within. "

- Livingston Taylor

"An exceptional voice–fresh and elegant delivery. An artist to watch. "

- Jam Magazine, Italy

"One of the most distinctive voices in the New York music scene today. "

- Ben Wisch, Producer

"One can only agree with Artie Traum, who stated that Ruffolo is one of the best singers he has ever heard. An extraordinary voice! "

- Stereo Magazine, Germany

"Beautiful songs expressed in the style of Jackson Browne, Lyle Lovett and James Taylor. “Fool For Every Season” will do well in the European market. "

- Dutch Country Magazine, Holland

"Strikingly clear and subtle production and beautiful songs. "

- Plato Mania Magazine, Holland

"Blessed with a voice reminiscent of Jesse Winchester and James Taylor, and a good inventive guitarstyle..Ruffolo knows his audience and writes a good song. “Fool For Every Season” deserves all our attention. "

- Beeld & Geluid Opinie, Music and Image Magazine

"A very talented singer and songwriter. This guy will go far. Thumbs up and show me more! "

- WRNet Radio, Hamburg, Germany

"Not only is he one of the best singers I’ve ever heard, his songs are compelling and beautifully crafted. On top of that, he’s an awesome acoustic guitarist. Catch Eugene now, before you have to stand in line! "

- Artie Traum, Artist, Producer


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