There’s long been a tradition among musicians of distancing themselves from the commercial work that they have done (that is-for those lucky enough to get it!), thinking that it somehow dis-credits them as artists. I am decidedly of another opinion, feeling quite proud of my extensive work in this often creative and interesting field. The New York City session scene is quite simply one of the most awesome pools of creative talent on the planet, and the folks that you’ll find here everyday working on jingles are the same players and singers who you’ll see on the road and recording with the world’s greatest stars. There’s a reason for that..they are the the most skilled and proficient at their craft. I’m honored to be a part of that community.

Voice Over Reel

Children's/Character Voice Over Reel

Vocal/Jingle Reel

Snuggle Sunkissed Breeze

Obama Campaign Ad

Gallo Bella Sera