September…. 2013

So much going on!  Finally made it into the studio to lay down the first tracks for the upcoming Italian record–“Canto per Mangiare”.  A very exciting day in the studio with a group of simply amazing players from all corners of the earth..

We recorded to 2 inch tape–and it was glorious to hear the now unfamiliar hiiiiiissss of tape spinning around!

The tracks are coming out beautifully…and I am pressing forward…with a brief (month-long pause) to jump over to Europe…where I’ll be playing shows in Holland, Germany, and-yes..Italy!  The record won’t come completely to a halt however, because I’m planning on rendezvous–ing with an amazing guitarist named Nico di Battista–who I discovered..of all places…on YOUTUBE..This guy is simply awesome…We were planning on collaborating remotely–but since I’m going to be playing in Northern Italy–we are trying to hook up and record at his place in Torino.. (yes–my life doesn’t suck)..   Then back home where I will continue working on the record and also do a series of Christmas concerts that will be based on my German/produced Christmas CD- “Even Santa gets the Blues”

We’re bringing that show across the US for a few shows…and it will be sweet.. Acoustic guitar and string quartet..

More on all of this….keep an eye on the tour page….dates and details are developing….!!

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