New Release “The Greater Good”


Well–this isn’t exactly BREAKING news..but since my website has been a long time coming, I want to make sure you are all aware of my last recording “The Greater Good”

This is a collaborative effort- a recording done in Germany with two other amazing musicians-Dutch singer/songwriter Dennis Kolen, and LA based Shane Alexander. It marks my third project for German Audiophile label Stockfisch Records. Stockfisch is known for their pristine recordings. I’m thrilled that this was released last fall both in Cd and Vinyl, my first LP!

We spent a week in Northeim Germany creating a record which we feel is both classic and contemporary at the same time. Shane, Dennis and I barely knew each other when we came together to record, so needless to say it was a creative and challenging week in the studio. We are now bonded in vinyl however, especially after a great and very well recieved fall tour of Holland..We hope to do another run in the fall.Meanwhile, check the photo galleries and video page for some images and video clips–and buy lots of the records, we have to split the royalties three ways!!!

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