December !!

I’ve been remiss..and failed to check in after a WONDERFUL tour of Europe last month… It was a fabulous trip—to Holland, Germany and Italy. The shows were amazing…great to see familar faces..and meet countless new wonderful folks everywhere. Really a beautiful month on the road..While in Italy–I took a detour to Torino where I recorded with the amazing Italian guitarist Nico di Battista…He lives in the north of Italy but hails from the south ( Naples…)..the heart of all soulful things Italian (but I’m just a bit biased).We had a productive and super fun day together..recording 4 tracks for my new Italian CD..which is on hold (but only for a few weeks)- as I prepare to leave this week for a short 1 week tour of Christmas shows.. I’ll be heading to Atlanta, then Florida and Missouri–to spread some Christmas cheer.. I’m really excited about it…the show is with a full string section (quartet) and that promises to be beautiful..I love Christmas this is a wonderful opportunity to share the magic! afterwards I’ll be coming home for a bit of needed rest..then back to the studio….I need to get this Italian record moving along!!!!

stay tuned..


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