“Canto per Mangiare” is wrapped and ready. It’s been a long and fascinating process, but both the book and the CD are finished and in the last stages of design.

I’m super excited about how everything turned out. The book evolved from it’s original conception of a simple cookbook- into a more involved and interesting mixture of recipes, essays on the philosophy of Italian food and cooking – music, and how the two art forms intersect..

Then there is the music section–stories behind the songs, interesting glimpses into the recording process, cool photos and extended liner notes.

The record itself is simply awesome (if I may say so myself:) I could go on and on, but I’d rather you experience if for yourself..

I’m going to take the fall to shop it around… Release info to follow…

More soon!

MARCH 2015

Greetings from Wintry NYC!!  I’m super excited about the progress of my new record ‘Canto per Mangiare”–I am finishing up my mixes now…and they are sounding amazing..

In April I will be heading back to Europe for a short run…really looking forward to seeing my European folk….There are a few dates still to be filled in keep an eye on the tour page…

After I return to NY…I will be jumping headfirst into Part 2  of my Italian project…the food portion..which will be a challenge and an entirely new frontier for me…


Stay tuned and I will continue to update as things progress…….

Winter 2014


yes—I really am working on a new project..and yes…the end is in sight!!  I know some of you have been anxiously awaiting the release of “Canto per Mangiare”, and I am in fact closing in… As you know, the project is a celebration of Italian music and food–so it must not be rushed!! I’m pretty excited about it. Last week we recorded a song called ‘Emozioni” which is a song originally written and performed by an Italian artist named Lucio Battisti in 1970… Battisti is/was hugely famous and is sort of the Italian equivalent of Bob Dylan–known for his poetry and lyrical prowess… I re-interpreted the song and recorded it live with a string section here in NYC…My friend/arranger Alan Zahn wrote a gorgeous arrangement that feels more orchestral than quartet(y)– so we chose 8 of NY’s finest players..and were hugely fortunate to convince Marco Armilliato–world famous Italian conductor now working at the Metropoloitan Opera –to come in and conduct the session, which we recorded live with me singing. It was a really exciting moment , and an interesting piece of what I think is evolving into an eclectic and beautiful record.. We have one more vocal to put down and then it’s on to mixing! I’m really anxious to get this music out and into the world for the new year..

In addition to that–I am doing some gigs around town, and planning a spring European run….so keep your eyes on the tour page for evolving dates…..

more soon……


Summer 2014

I hope this post finds everyone happy and enjoying the summer months… I remain hard at work on “Canto per Mangiare” -my seventh recording.  It’s a collection of Italian music and I’m super excited about it. It’s taken a bit longer than anticipated (don’t they all!?), but this one is a challenge for sure.. In addition to studying the super-tricky Neopolitan dialect for the 5 Neopolitan songs I’m including, I had the formidable task of finding just the right players for the music. I had to reach outside of my usual cast of characters in order to find players and singers who could really deliver authentic performances for this very special project. Luckily I live in New York, where everything is possible! It’s simply one of the wonder of New York City, and makes the cost of living here ALMOST justifiable:) That being said, I also have been collaborating with musicians from other countries as well..It’s been an amazing experience.. I am closing in, and hope to be mixing soon…I’ll keep you updated for sure…

In addition, I’m doing some gigs around town–as usual–and am heading to California in August to do a bit of recording and a few gigs there..including my first gig ever in Los Angeles.  Then I will be hopefully heading to Europe sometime in the fall…Working on that as we speak..

That’s all for now…enjoy the summer…it flies by!

January 2014!


I hope that everyone is off to a wonderful start for the New Year…

January finds me hard at work on “Canto per Mangiare”-my upcoming release of Italian Music and family recipes. Producer Alan Zahn and I are hard at work at the Analogue Muse studios, where we are creating the magic…Sessions have been going great.  In the past few weeks we’ve been focusing mainly on my performances, and some more intimate guitar/vocal tracks, but we’ll be tapping into some carefully chosen NY talent in the following weeks to work on a few tracks that we have yet to put down. It’s been REALLY fun.. I’m super excited about this project. It’s been brewing in my head for many years, and it’s amazing to finally see /hear it come to life..
More updates on that to follow..

I’ll be doing a few runs here and there to play some live shows…keep an eye on the tour page.

More soon!


December !!

I’ve been remiss..and failed to check in after a WONDERFUL tour of Europe last month… It was a fabulous trip—to Holland, Germany and Italy. The shows were amazing…great to see familar faces..and meet countless new wonderful folks everywhere. Really a beautiful month on the road..While in Italy–I took a detour to Torino where I recorded with the amazing Italian guitarist Nico di Battista…He lives in the north of Italy but hails from the south ( Naples…)..the heart of all soulful things Italian (but I’m just a bit biased).We had a productive and super fun day together..recording 4 tracks for my new Italian CD..which is on hold (but only for a few weeks)- as I prepare to leave this week for a short 1 week tour of Christmas shows.. I’ll be heading to Atlanta, then Florida and Missouri–to spread some Christmas cheer.. I’m really excited about it…the show is with a full string section (quartet) and that promises to be beautiful..I love Christmas this is a wonderful opportunity to share the magic! afterwards I’ll be coming home for a bit of needed rest..then back to the studio….I need to get this Italian record moving along!!!!

stay tuned..


September…. 2013

So much going on!  Finally made it into the studio to lay down the first tracks for the upcoming Italian record–“Canto per Mangiare”.  A very exciting day in the studio with a group of simply amazing players from all corners of the earth..

We recorded to 2 inch tape–and it was glorious to hear the now unfamiliar hiiiiiissss of tape spinning around!

The tracks are coming out beautifully…and I am pressing forward…with a brief (month-long pause) to jump over to Europe…where I’ll be playing shows in Holland, Germany, and-yes..Italy!  The record won’t come completely to a halt however, because I’m planning on rendezvous–ing with an amazing guitarist named Nico di Battista–who I discovered..of all places…on YOUTUBE..This guy is simply awesome…We were planning on collaborating remotely–but since I’m going to be playing in Northern Italy–we are trying to hook up and record at his place in Torino.. (yes–my life doesn’t suck)..   Then back home where I will continue working on the record and also do a series of Christmas concerts that will be based on my German/produced Christmas CD- “Even Santa gets the Blues”

We’re bringing that show across the US for a few shows…and it will be sweet.. Acoustic guitar and string quartet..

More on all of this….keep an eye on the tour page….dates and details are developing….!!

Summer 2013

I’m laying pretty low this summer.. though staying very busy..basically doing gigs around town….planning and beginning to record my new CD–“Canto per Mangiare”,

and also organizing a fall European tour… It looks like its gonna be a good one.–if I can pull it together..Booking is always a bit of a logistical nightmare…but I have some exciting prospects…Dates are already confirmed for Holland and Germany..with the possibility of a few concerts in Italy..and a show in Paris in the works as well…..I’ll be updating my tour page soon…..

Update on Canto per mangiare

Greetings from a very hot NYC…Things are moving along on my much awaited (at least by me!) Italian record. I’ve chosen a producer (my wonderful and talented friend Alan Zahn) and we are in the process of writing arrangments, choosing the perfect musicans, and general scheming.  I’m hoping to do a live session in the next month or so and capture at least 4 of the songs with a live band sound. And the most exciting part of it (though its not completely certain yet) that we hope to record on 2 inch tape!) More news to follow..

New Website! Yes-Really!!

At long last, I present you with my new website!

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. When folks brought it to my attention that my old site had literally disappeared suddenly from the web, I was undaunted, seeing it as a message from above that the time had come to start from scratch. It was a labor-intensive endeavor getting it up and running, partly because it is essentially an archive of my varied and Illustrious career.

There are all sorts of goodies in here. I hope you’ll take a moment to explore. And best of all, I plan to keep it current and up to date, so please stop by occasionally for a look.

Thanks to Samantha for the beautiful design!

My next musical endeavor (grab a fork)

I am deep into planning my next musical move.. Got to keep it rolling along!

Some of you have heard talk of the Italian project I have in the works. I’m shooting for June 1st as a start date for “Canto per Mangiare”, which will be a CD of Italian songs from various sources. The plan is to record a collection of songs that have inspired me, from Neopolitan Folk songs (my favorite), to classics from the 60’s and 70’s, and a few originals that I have written in Italian as well. Coupled with these songs will be a collection of recipes that are also close to my heart, coming from my family and close Italian friends.

This is a celebration of my heritage, and promises to be a very interesting project. Keep an eye out for developments. I’ll be filling you in as I move along.

New Release “The Greater Good”


Well–this isn’t exactly BREAKING news..but since my website has been a long time coming, I want to make sure you are all aware of my last recording “The Greater Good”

This is a collaborative effort- a recording done in Germany with two other amazing musicians-Dutch singer/songwriter Dennis Kolen, and LA based Shane Alexander. It marks my third project for German Audiophile label Stockfisch Records. Stockfisch is known for their pristine recordings. I’m thrilled that this was released last fall both in Cd and Vinyl, my first LP!

We spent a week in Northeim Germany creating a record which we feel is both classic and contemporary at the same time. Shane, Dennis and I barely knew each other when we came together to record, so needless to say it was a creative and challenging week in the studio. We are now bonded in vinyl however, especially after a great and very well recieved fall tour of Holland..We hope to do another run in the fall.Meanwhile, check the photo galleries and video page for some images and video clips–and buy lots of the records, we have to split the royalties three ways!!!


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