The Greater Good

Album Credits

Produced by Gunter Pauler. All instruments and vocals played/sung by The Greater Good. Recorded in Northeim Germany from May 6-13, 2011 by Gunter Pauler and Ines Breuer. Mixed and Mastered by Gunter Pauler, Ines Breuer and Hans-Jorg Maucksch.

The Greater Good


This project was a departure for me, and a real joy to be involved in. It’s my third release for Stockfisch Records, and is a collaborative effort with two amazing singer/songwriters, Dennis Kolen and Shane Alexander. We each came to Germany never having played together, and layed down 10 songs in one quick and inspiring week. We recorded each track playing live together in one room, having learned and rehearsed the songs literally moments before. Dennis, Shane and I share many common musical influences, and we brought the spirit of the 70’s singer/songwriter movement to the studio, hoping to create a classic of our own.

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